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Career Advancement Challenges and Solutions for Outside-the-Box Thinkers

A big challenge that outside-the-box thinkers face when trying to advance their careers is the frustration of their unconventional ideas being continuously resisted by their leadership.

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Your innovative solutions are resisted because they challenge outdated norms in established systems. Don't let that dim your sparkle.

Conservative organizations with established systems don't know what to do with those ideas because they disrupt established patterns.

The "we've never done it that way before" stops these fresh, strategic solutions right in their tracks.

That resistance to change causes amazingly talented professionals to either wither into a bubble of zombie-like complacency (or disengagement), or collect a volcanic reservoir of anger that is just bubbling under the surface.

Eventually, the perfectly capable person determines it's time to advance their career and obtain a seat at the strategic table, but their emotional state creates a block that holds them steadily in this uncomfortable professional place.

Is this happening to you?

If it is, let me assure you - first and foremost - that your innovative thinking style is incredibly valuable to organizations and leaders who know how to appreciate it.

In fact, there are organizations out there who are searching for someone exactly like you. Someone with your exact skill set, strengths, and natural talents.

The problem is that although you're good at thinking strategically about your work, you haven't thought strategically about your career.

Perhaps you've wasted so much time and energy stuck in a situation where you aren't being recognized or understood for your outside-the-box thinking style that now you feel stifled, unmotivated... paralyzed.

As a result, you may not have the support, visibility, or confidence to advance your career.

If you're reading this and recognize this has happened to you, I'm encouraging you to challenge those thoughts.

Find ways to navigate your organizational environment and create buy-in by:

- building strong relationships with key stakeholders

- showcasing the practicality and benefits of your ideas through data and evidence

- seeking support from influential allies

If you're just done and are ready to take your talents elsewhere, actively seek out organizations or teams that value and embrace innovation.

Most importantly: Create a strategic gameplan for your career that leverages your strengths, skills, experience, and talents. Use that strategic plan to continuously grow your career and improve the rest of your life.

Do not allow your professional frustrations to negatively impact your relationships or turn you into a version of yourself that you aren't proud of.

Do not let this dim your sparkle.

If you need support on creating your own career advancement strategy for continuous success without sacrificing your work-life balance, let's chat over a complimentary call. I'm here for you.

With big love from your career coach,



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Grisel Scarantino, MA, ODPC is a Career and Work-Life Fulfillment Strategist. She helps caring, big-picture thinkers advance their career and achieve a healthy work-life flow. Grisel is also a consultant, speaker, author, home chef, Bigfoot enthusiast, and lover of life. If you are ready to take your career to the next level and better enjoy the life that you're working so hard to support, visit her website at and schedule your complimentary call with Grisel today.

For daily tips and informative content, connect with Grisel on LinkedIn.


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