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Invite Grisel as your Guest Speaker

When you book a guest speaker on your podcast, retreat, or group meetings, you want someone who knows how to engage your audience with relatable, authentic, and lively discussion so attendees walk away feeling like they participated in a transformative experience.


That's what happens when you invite Grisel as your guest speaker.


With her, your audience steps into a world of captivating conversations and impactful growth!


With 23 years of experience as a facilitator, trainer, educator, and guest speaker, Grisel thrives on engaging audiences in the exciting realm of career success and work-life fulfillment.


Having overcome a rare, life-threatening cancer, Grisel has a first-hand understanding of the power of resilience, as well as the havoc that a frustrating professional life can wreak over our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.


A warm and enthusiastic individual, Grisel is a proud Gen-Xer and first-generation American driven by the belief that we deserve genuine satisfaction in our one precious life. Drawing from her own experience of reinventing her career after 40, she is passionate about empowering others to do the same.


Her focus lies in helping individuals uncover their true selves and harness their unique qualities to make a positive impact in their own lives and the world around them. Through dynamic and action-oriented presentations, Grisel delivers messages of empowerment and equips audiences with practical tools for immediate application.


If you're looking to bring true value to your group, connect with Grisel! 


Speaking Engagement Details


Tampa, FL; United States

Willing to travel for in-person events



Available For

In-person speaking opportunities, virtual meetings, and

podcast guesting 


Blue Yeti microphone, Maono Microphone, iMac computer, high-speed internet

About Grisel

In 2019, I was faced with the fight for my life when I was diagnosed with a rare cancer. I decided that if I made it out alive, I was going to change my life for the better... starting by grabbing hold of my career with both hands. In 2020, I stepped out of my full-time job and became a full-time independent business owner, launching a consulting business and later a career coaching business which I've built from the ground up.  


In 2022, I was named as one of the Top 15 Coaches of Tampa Bay and I published a book titled Trust Your Wings: How I Left My Corporate Job to Start a Consulting and Coaching Business From Scratch. This book made it to the best-seller list within the first week of its debut. It's written for entrepreneurial-minded folks who are either entertaining the idea of starting their own business, or who have already done so and could use some actionable tips from someone who is walking in those shoes. The book is filled with my real and raw story as a cancer survivor and new entrepreneur: my failures, lessons learned, successes, expectations (what they were and what they should have been), mindset & lifestyle changes to optimize health and therefore success, and tips that worked for me. 

Visit the About tab on this website to learn more about me and my credentials. Tap the button below to visit my homepage.


  • How to advance your career immediately and grow your long-term career success

  • Factors to consider when making a career change 

  • Career change after 40

  • Overcoming professional struggles

  • How to create a healthy work-life balance

  • The journey of leaving a corporate job to start a business

  • Moving toward the Vision of your Ideal Life and Ideal Self

  • The relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Professional Growth

  • The role of self-awareness in living a satisfying life

  • Enhancing your communication effectiveness 

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