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Free Marketing and Sales Cheat Sheet

Stop struggling and start getting paying clients. Learn the essentials to effectively market and sell your coaching services with this free tool.
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Unlock the secrets of effectively marketing and selling your coaching service without sacrificing your values or authenticity.

Starting your own coaching business is wonderful. Exciting. Liberating! 

But without an effective marketing strategy or the confidence to navigate sales conversations, it'll be almost impossible to earn an income and achieve long-term business success. 

The confusion on how to master these essentials is overwhelming and could potentially lead to your business stagnating. I've been there myself and it is NOT fun.

But over the years of selling high-ticket career coaching services, I've learned that selling coaching is different from selling anything else. There is a specific journey that your prospects flow through, and if we don't put the right pieces in place, they won't get the help they need. At least not from you. They'll go to someone who has effectively walked them through their buyer's journey instead.


Knowing how to guide them to the place where they say "Yes" is crucial for you as the business owner, and for them as a person who is suffering in silence with a problem you can help them fix.

It took me a lot of time, money, and effort to figure it all out. And I want to save you time.


That's why I'm excited to share this tool with you! It overviews the essential steps to move prospective clients through the buyer's journey and brings the to a decision point.

All without any cringy sales tactics. 


I'm giving this tool away for free because I know it will help you and I want you to be successful. Because coaches help make the world a better place. And if I can help you get your service out there, then I'm doing my part to accelerate that positive change. 

Cheering for your success, 

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