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Headshot- Grisel Scarantino- Career Coach

Career Coach
for Experienced Professionals

Set your strategic career compass.
Pivot for impact, growth, and balance.

Meet Grisel

Career and Work-Life Fulfillment Expert

I help caring, strategic-thinking professionals like you navigate a career crossroads, advance your career in a fulfilling direction, and achieve a healthy work-life flow so you can better enjoy the life you work so hard to support.

Named as one of the Top 15 Coaches in 2022 and 2023, I have 18+ years of experience and numerous professional certifications in the Career and Talent Development space.

Having studied Psychology and the Behavioral Science that impacts fulfilling success at work, it's been my honor to successfully guide well over 300 empathetic professionals in growing their career, confidence, income, career satisfaction, and quality of life.  

My career coaching service is both strategic and intuitive. In it, you'll get to use my collection of evidence-based tools and tap into your intuition to achieve the career success and peaceful lifestyle you most desire. 

I am a relatable, empathetic human who shares your caring heart, steadfast ambition, and strategic-thinking mindset.

Click the button below to learn more about my personal career journey, professional qualifications, and why I care so deeply about helping people like you to achieve fulfilling success in your life and career.

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Love your career and the life it affords you to live

Are you tired of feeling:

unfulfilled in your career?

your career angst spilling over into the other parts of your life?

unsure about the next chapter of your career?

overworked yet undervalued for your skills, abilities, and potential?

like your time is being wasted in a career you've outgrown

Would you like to be in a position where your natural talents afford you the life you truly want to live? A role where you're paid your worth to make a meaningful impact? A career that allows for a healthy work-life balance? If your answer is "yes," then let's make that vision a reality.

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Align and Succeed
is a 16-week career coaching program for caring, committed seasoned professionals who are ready to advance their career in a fulfilling direction. 

​This transformative coaching program empowers you to:

Advance your career quickly and strategically.

Unlock your true zone of genius.

​Create a professional brand that effectively sells your unique skillset to desired career opportunities.

Make a fulfilling impact through your work.

Design your personalized continuous-growth strategy.

​Achieve a satisfying work-life flow.

Embrace the success you deserve.


“The insights provided through the assessment tools that Grisel utilized were on point. Defining where I am in my career while distilling my strengths is truly eye opening and positions me for growth.”

- Jennifer C., 
Sales Executive


“I was truly inspired by my consult with Grisel. The questions she asked me got right down to the bone. I have a renewed excitement and energy about moving forward with my career.”

Melynda C.,
Medical Professional and Business Owner


“I contacted Grisel for guidance when I was at a career crossroads. She validated my concerns and gave me specific tools to prepare for career advancement. I got my promotion!"

- Eduardo O.,
Continuous Improvement Consultant

Unleash your potential and enjoy true work-life fulfillment.


Group Coaching for Professional Career Advancement


Coaching for Career Change & Work-Life Fulfillment


Coaching for Current and Future Business Owners

Deeply satisfying and fulfilling career success begins with you. Start your career transformation today.

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