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Career Crossroads Coach

Elevate your professional journey and live your life at the intersection where your authenticity meets prosperity. 

Meet Grisel

Career and Work-Life Fulfillment Expert

Are you an ambitious, idea-filled, people-centric professional who cares about being a force of good in this world?


Does the idea of creating your own business excite you? 

By that, I mean a business that is YOU, through and through. Where you get to design it exactly the way you'd like so it affords you the life of your dreams?


If so, I'm so happy you're here!

I'm Grisel (pronounced griCELL) and I have 20+ years of experience in the career and talent development space. With a master's degree in the Psychology of Work and an education deeply rooted in the science of behavior, I left the confines of my corporate job a few years ago to run my business full time. And you know what? I've never looked back. It was the single best thing I've ever done for my career.


I'm here to help you do the same. I'm a warm, relatable, empathetic human who shares your caring heart and steadfast ambition, drive, tenacity, unconventional thinking, and strategic mindset. 

Click the button below to see my qualifications and to learn more about why I'm so passionate about helping game changers like you design your own business and live a more fulfilled life.

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Love your career and the life it affords you to live

Are you at the point where you're tired of:

avoiding the truth that you feel unfulfilled in your career?

casually wondering what else is possible for you professionally?

letting fear keep you from discovering what you want for your career?

wishing you could make a more meaningful impact with your talents? 

replaying the same questions in your head without a clear answer?

If your heart resonated with any of these questions, seize this moment to transform your challenges into triumphs with a personalized and strategic coaching journey.

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Align and Succeed
is a career-focused coaching program for caring, strategic-thinking executives and entrepreneurs who are ready to work in their passion space and live a fulfilled, prosperous life.

This program empowers you to:

Discover your soul-aligned career calling

Make an intentional career shift with clarity

​Earn a comfortable living with much more ease

Gain energy by doing work you love

Embrace career satisfaction and enjoy the life you've earned and deserve.


“The insights provided through the assessment tools that Grisel utilized were on point. Defining where I am in my career while distilling my strengths is truly eye opening and positions me for growth.”

- Jennifer C., 
Sales Executive


“I was truly inspired by my consult with Grisel. The questions she asked me got right down to the bone. I have a renewed excitement and energy about moving forward with my career.”

Melynda C.,
Medical Professional and Business Owner


“I contacted Grisel for guidance when I was at a career crossroads. She validated my concerns and gave me specific tools to prepare for career advancement. I got my promotion!"

- Eduardo O.,
Healthcare Leader and Consultant

Make a meaningful impact and enjoy true work-life fulfillment.


Navigate a Career Crossroads


Design Your


We only have one life. We deserve to live it to the fullest. Start your career transformation today.

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Let's uncover your full professional potential and create your pathway to a more fulfilling career

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