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Executive Career Coaching

Life is too short to waste another year in an unfulfilling professional situation.

Are you a people-centric executive or entrepreneur who:

  • Yearns to make a more fulfilling impact through your work?

  • Feels like something important is missing from your professional life?

  • Wants to align your work to your values and zone of genius?

  • Craves more time and energy to indulge in your personal life?

  • Knows it's time to fully plant yourself in the driver's seat of your career?

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Would you like to grow your success, work-life fulfillment, and create a healthy work-life flow?

Align and Succeed

These structured career coaching programs use evidence-based tools to help you achieve your inspiring professional goals. Choose your adventure. Click the "Read More" buttons for details and pricing. 

Level 1 - Premium

Group Coaching for Career Advancement

This self-paced career coaching program teaches senior to executive-level professionals how to quickly navigate the job market with ease

In this self-paced program, you learn to: ​

  • quickly take your career to the next level

  • assess your unique professional value

  • authentically refresh your professional brand

  • stand out as an irresistible job candidate

  • get the attention of employers that excite you

  • shorten your time job search process

  • get to a "yes" faster and easier

In this group coaching program, you independently access coaching materials online. Meet with your coach and program participants for powerful discussions in bi-weekly group coaching sessions.

Level 2

Coaching for Career Change & Fulfillment

This coaching program is for executives looking for support to successfully navigate a career crossroads 

Rewrite the next chapter of your professional story with this program, where you get everything in the Career Advancement program plus

  • determine your true career calling

  • shift your career into alignment with your values

  • grow your income and work-life fulfillment

  • make a deeper impact through your work

  • gain confidence in your professional future

  • authentically align your professional brand to your desired career direction

  • design your fulfilling long-term career goals

This structured individual coaching program guides you through a strategy that helps you make a meaningful shift in your career. Includes 12 individual coaching sessions for added guidance, insight, clarity, and accountability.

Level 3 - Gold

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

This program is for current and aspiring business owners looking for support on your career, life, and business

This highly supportive program is tailored to your unique professional situation, enabling you to:


  • design a profitable business that you deeply love 

  • develop your business foundations in authentic alignment with your values and natural work style

  • create a personalized framework for your long-term business success 

  • leave your corporate job to start your coaching or consulting business

  • navigate your business transition with greater ease

  • access your coach between coaching sessions for a true "coach-in-your-pocket" experience

This personalized coaching program includes weekly to bi-weekly individual coaching sessions for a deeply life-changing experience.


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Tailored to Your Needs


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Client Testimonials

Laura Evelyn Huber, Financial Services Representative, CO

"I started working with Grisel when I made a major and terrifying career change. Loving the work but not sure of the fit and seeing my weak points, I reached out to her. I knew she would be honest about her ability to help me. We reviewed my needs, she outlined her process, and we both knew right away it was a great fit. From there, we have met regularly, I purchased the Gold package. We are several months into the process and each week makes me more thankful I took her up on her offer to help. There is a high level of rejection and misconceptions in my line of work that can make the personal connections with my clients hard to get started. Each week, Grisel reinforces the previous lessons/conversations and builds up my toolbox for further growth and development. She helps me to not only understand the origins of my behaviors and choices, but helps breakdown the application of her tools towards my goals. My only regret is that I can't make her my personal angel on my shoulder. There is love in everything she does and I feel blessed to know her."

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