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Coaching Options

"There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky. You ask, 'What if I fail?' Oh but my darling, what if you fly?" - Erin Hanson 

Are you an idea-filled, people-centric professional who is ready to:​​

  • enjoy the freedom of independent business ownership?

  • make a uniquely meaningful impact in the world through your work?

  • break free of the cage that confines your dreams within the walls of corporate conformity?

  • embrace the boundless possibilities awaiting you beyond the restrictions of your nine-to-five?

  • sculpt your own destiny?

  • unleash the entrepreneur within you and soar to new heights of success and fulfillment?


Say goodbye to feeling trapped in your career

Trust Your Wings

Choose your adventure and achieve your inspiring business goals.
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Level 2

Business Clarity Coaching

This coaching program clarifies your professional purpose and infuses your authenticity into your unique brand. 

You can't make a roadmap to your fulfilling business dream if you don't know exactly what looks like yet.

Your business is YOU, so let's start by deepening your self awareness so you can design your business aligned to your authenticity. 

In this structured coaching program, you'll have 24/7 access to online learning materials and meet weekly for group coaching sessions where you receive guidance, insight, clarity, and accountability.

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Design Your Business

Build Your

This program is for business owners looking for support to design and grow your business

When you're clear on where you want to go, it takes strategic action to get there.

Being a business owner can be lonely. But it doesn't have to be. You need a sounding board to turn the ambiguity in your mind into solid, actionable steps that make sense. 

Gain support and accountability with this membership option, where you'll meet individually with your coach for six months either:

  • once per month, or

  • twice per month

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Trust Your Wings

Coming Soon

Want to take inspired action but not ready to commit to coaching? 


Join the Trust Your Wings Community and:

  • gain expert insights from full-time solopreneurs

  • access helpful content support, and accountability

  • engage in strategy-sharing sessions

  • grow your network with like-minded individuals

This community is a monthly membership program which includes exclusive access to a private online discussion forum, learning resources, and group-powered brainstorming.


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Online Access


Tailored to Your Needs


Payment Options



Client Testimonials

Laura Evelyn Huber, Financial Services Representative, CO

"I started working with Grisel when I made a major and terrifying career change. Loving the work but not sure of the fit and seeing my weak points, I reached out to her. I knew she would be honest about her ability to help me. We reviewed my needs, she outlined her process, and we both knew right away it was a great fit. From there, we have met regularly, I purchased the Gold package. We are several months into the process and each week makes me more thankful I took her up on her offer to help. There is a high level of rejection and misconceptions in my line of work that can make the personal connections with my clients hard to get started. Each week, Grisel reinforces the previous lessons/conversations and builds up my toolbox for further growth and development. She helps me to not only understand the origins of my behaviors and choices, but helps breakdown the application of her tools towards my goals. My only regret is that I can't make her my personal angel on my shoulder. There is love in everything she does and I feel blessed to know her."

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