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Career Coaching Services

Prices subject to change without notice.

Is your gut telling you it's time to make some changes in your career? Are you ready to create a more balanced work-life flow


Over the last 18 years, I've coached over 300 professionals to gain clarity on their career direction, grow their self-confidence, enhance their career success, increase their income, and better enjoy the one life they're working so hard to support. I am a certified professional with formal education in Psychology, Counseling, and the Science of Behavior. My calling is to enhance my clients' overall life experience by improving their career satisfaction.

Clients hire me when they feel trapped, are dissatisfied with their career path, aren’t advancing in their career, or worse… when they find themselves dreading their work. Their severe lack of career satisfaction negatively impacts the rest of their life. That is when they decide to take action and engage coaching with me.

I guide my clients through a journey that achieves lasting, positive change in their lives. They get in touch with the best parts of themselves so they can lead with authenticity, fall back in love with their career, grow their professional success, and achieve a healthy work-life flow.

My experience, holistic coaching style, and empathetic, personable demeanor enables executives, entrepreneurs, and high-performing seasoned professionals to accomplish their most-desired results. After working with me, my clients report a renewed sense of energy, clarity, and confidence. As a result, they advance their careers, increase their income, enjoy a higher sense of peace, and are more present in their lives.

Investing in yourself may be the last thing you've budgeted for, but it is the most important investment you will ever make. You only get one life, and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest.


Career Coaching
By the Hour

Need to work through a short list of specific items? No problem. No conversation is too small. No matter where you are in your career journey, I’m here for you.


With this option, you will:

  • Gain insights and direction on various career-related topics 

  • Receive specific tips based on today's job market

  • Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn

  • Prepare to confidently engage in your interviews

  • Discuss how to conduct salary negotiations or ask for a position change

  • Get guidance and support as you navigate a job change


You may choose to schedule your session(s) via Zoom or phone, depending on the topic(s) of discussion. To learn more about this option, schedule a free consultation.


per hour

Colleagues Working in Office


With this option, you will:


  • Follow a proven strategy to identify your best-suited career direction

  • Work on materials and activities between sessions to identify your career calling

  • Move your career in your desired professional direction

  • Gain the guidance and support you need on your journey toward a fulfilling career


You’ll begin with a 1-hr Onboarding Session, then continue with 1-hr weekly individual coaching sessions via Zoom. To see if this package is right for you, schedule a free consultation.

By the Lake

With this option, you will:


  • Enhance your career/business success 

  • Grow your confidence and tactful assertiveness

  • Master the art of Influence

  • Improve your communication effectiveness

  • Learn to better navigate conflict

  • Boost your leadership skills

  • Manage organizational change with grace

  • Establish appropriate boundaries with work

  • Embark on becoming the best version of yourself

  • Embrace your unique characteristics

  • Create goals

  • Grow toward your professional aspirations

  • Track your growth​

You’ll begin with a 1-hr Onboarding Session, then continue with 1-hr individual coaching sessions via Zoom. To see if this package is right for you, schedule a free consultation.

Not sure which options are right for you? Schedule your FREE 15-min consultation and let's figure it out together.

Female Student

Online School


Visit Grisel's online school to take an online course that will help you stand out as a candidate in today's competitive job market.

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