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Career Coaching Services

Prices subject to change without notice.

Do you feel confident about your professional future? Is your gut telling you it's time to make some changes in your career? Are you ready to create a more balanced work-life flow and finally learn how to find deep career fulfillment


Clients hire Grisel when they feel trapped, know that their career path isn't sustainable, aren’t able to fully bring their skills and abilities to the professional table, or worse… when they find themselves becoming physically ill due to the stress over their job.


If your lack of career satisfaction negatively impacts the rest of your life, then it is time to take action.

Grisel guides her clients through a journey that achieves lasting, positive change in their lives. They get in touch with the best parts of themselves so they can live with authenticity, fall back in love with their career, grow their professional success, and achieve a healthy work-life flow.

Grisel's holistic coaching style and empathetic, personable demeanor enables heart-centered professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, and established business owners to accomplish their most-desired results. After working with Grisel, 100% of her clients report a renewed sense of energy, clarity, hope, and confidence. They advance their careers, increase their income, enjoy a higher sense of peace, and are more present to enjoy their lives.

Investing in yourself may be the last thing you've budgeted for, but it is the most important investment you will ever make. Trust yourself to do this. You only get one life, and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest.

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Career Coaching
By the Hour

Need to work through a short list of specific items? No problem. No conversation is too small. No matter where you are in your career journey, I’m here for you.


With this option, you will gain insights and direction on various career-related topics, including, but not limited to: 

  • Resume reviews

  • Interview preparation 

  • LinkedIn optimization

  • Salary negotiations

  • Asking for a career advancement

  • Networking essentials

  • Your vision of your ideal life

  • Writing your own book

  • Creating your own job description

  • Discuss how to set up your new coaching or consulting business 


You may choose to schedule your session(s) via Zoom or phone, depending on the topic(s) of discussion. To learn more about this option, schedule a free consultation.


per hour

Colleagues Working in Office


With this option, you will:


  • Get clear on your vision and find your fulfilling career direction

  • Discover your authentic professional brand and grow your confidence

  • Take your career to the next level of success

  • Engage with a community of amazing like-minded professionals on a similar journey

  • Gain the guidance and support you need from your coach for 1 year


This group coaching program includes step-by-step online learning with self-discovery tools, biweekly 1-hr group coaching sessions via Zoom, and private access to an online group you can access 24/7. To see if this package is right for you, schedule a free consultation.

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With this option, you will receive:


  • All of the benefits of the Premium Coaching Program described above

  • An ultra-personalized experience with the addition of 12 individual coaching sessions

  • Personalized feedback on your homework

  • Private time to discuss your situation in depth

  • Life coaching in addition to career coaching

  • Enhanced support and accountability from your personal coach


This group coaching plus individual coaching program is a white-glove coaching experience. You will enjoy all of the benefits of the Align & Succeed Premium Package plus added accountability, coaching, and individual feedback. To see if this package is right for you, schedule a free consultation.

Not sure which options are right for you? Schedule your FREE 15-min consultation and let's figure it out together.

Female Student

Online School


Want to recreate your resume? Get a guide to prepare for your next interview? 

Visit Grisel's online school and learn how to stand out as a candidate in today's competitive job market.

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