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Coaching to Build Your Business


This coaching program is for aspiring and existing business owners wanting to:

  • build a service-based business rooted in your values

  • tap into your zone of genius to generate revenue with your business

  • avoid creating an unfulfilling business model that inadvertently makes you feel trapped 

  • be your authentic self as a business owner and run a business that reflects your authenticity

  • work in your passion space with a CEO mindset instead of an employee mindset

  • reach your income goals and enjoy the fruits of your labor

  • create a healthy work-life balance and spend more time on your holistic wellness

What You Get in this 6-Month Engagement


Self-Paced Online Learning Materials

Work through a strategic process that gets you crystal clear on your comprehensive business vision and establish your business foundations based it. Each section of this process is broken down into bite-sized chunks and comes with easy action steps. Progress through the process as your busy schedule allows.


Self Discovery- Unique Value & Behavioral Style

Get back in touch with who you are, what you truly want for your life, and how to leverage your business to make your dreams a reality. Learn to authentically  showcase the unique value your service brings to the world. Receive evidence-based self exploration activities, support, and intimate conversations about the most important thing in your life- your relationship with yourself.


Craft Business Goals & Design a Strategic Plan

When you know where you're going, how to get there, and WHY you want it makes you unstoppable. Create a visionary framework for your business that fosters agility based on your personal and professional preferences, values, and behavioral style. With your long-term strategic career plan, you'll never end up in a situation where your business owns you, instead of you owning your business. 


Individual Coaching Sessions

Engage in weekly coaching session for the first six months, then bi-weekly coaching sessions for the remaining six months. Receive personalized guidance ad accountability to confidently make business decisions aligned to your authenticity. These relaxed yet goal-oriented sessions ensure your continuous action.


Mindset & Professional Development Skills

The life and mindset of a business owner are different from that of an employee. Your business is successful if your mindset is aligned to your mission, vision, and values. As such, there are specific professional development skills you will lean on to grow your business success. Learn to release your mindset blocks and develop the professional skills that will help you navigate the twists and turns of business-owner life with confidence and clarity.


Life-Long Support from your Coach & Community

Although this program is designed to be completed in 12 months, you will retain access to the coaching community for a lifetime. Opting into this program gives you the tools to make immediate and long-term business decisions that are right for you, and gives you access to our private online community for additional resources aimed at your overall wellness and work-life fulfillment. 


Most of my clients:

  • determine exactly how they want to live their life as a business owner in 12 weeks or less

  • begin making mindset and behavioral shifts immediately

  • successfully make business changes within 12 weeks or less

  • learn to generate client leads with authentic messaging

  • work smarter not harder

  • feel confident in their professional future

  • spend more time with the people they love

  • have more energy to engage in the activities they love

  • create a healthy sense of work-life balance

Your Investment

Minimum of 6-month engagement where we will either:

meet once per month for $300

meet twice per month for $580 

Timing is everything but sometimes that needs to be challenged by a leap of faith. Going through Grisel’s coaching program gave me three things: (1) it reignited a fire inside me to do the things that energize me but more importantly feed my soul, (2) it gave me permission to remove the limitations I had placed on my own self for more than a decade of not only who I AM but who I MUST be and why I am on this big rock, and (3) she helped me map out a vision for the life I truly want and gave me the tools to take the first few steps in that direction! The universe has since given me SO many confirmations that I’m on the right path and I will forever be grateful for the journey I’ve had with Grisel. Highly recommend trusting her and her process!

Shelly Starks, Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur

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