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Discover your Unique Brand with Career Clarity Coaching


This program is for those needing to:

  • get crystal clear on what you want to do and how you want to do it

  • create your foundational authentic brand and learn to communicate its value to the world

  • put an end to the confusion about how to move forward with your business

What You Get in this 16-Week Program

One-year Access to Program Materials

Work through a strategic process that gets you clear on your soul-aligned career changes. Each module is broken down into bite-sized chunks with clear action steps. Access materials when your busy schedule allows. Although this is a 16-week program, you'll retain access to program materials for a full year.

Professional Rebranding How-To's

Learn how rewrite your professional story on your resume and LinkedIn profile so they effectively showcase the unique value you bring to the professional table. Receive step-by-step instructions, templates, and brand-review sessions so you stand out as an asset to your audience of choice.

Career Goals and Strategic Career Plan

Create a framework for your career success that is free of restrictive boxes based on your personal and professional preferences, values, and behavioral style. With your goals and strategic career plan, you have a guiding star for decision making so you can avoid sacrificing your wellness for your career. 

16 Individual Coaching Sessions

Meet with your coach over 16 weekly coaching sessions with flexible scheduling. Receive personalized guidance to confidently determine where you are inspired to take your career. These relaxed yet goal-oriented sessions enhance your insights and accelerate your journey to work-life fulfillment.  

Career Transition Support

In this program, you'll have access to everything you need to make your fulfilling career pivot seamlessly. From employment search and interview techniques, to mindset shifts where you become confident in the new direction you want to take in your career and the steps to get there. You'll learn how to gain a new role you love where you are rightfully compensated just for being you.

Life-long Access to Private Community

Although the content and coaching pieces of this program are designed to be completed in 16 weeks, enjoy access to our private online community for a lifetime. Membership in this community gives you additional resources to nurture your ongoing wellness and career fulfillment. Network and engage in group discussions with invited guest speakers on a variety of topics related to work and life fulfillment.


On average, my clients:

  • discover their soul-aligned career trajectory in 12 weeks or less

  • revamp their professional brand in 2 weeks

  • gain visceral confidence in their professional future

  • reengage with their favorite activities

  • create a strategic plan to significantly boost their income

  • live more fulfilling lives

Your Investment

The cost of this program is $3,700. 

Grisel came to my life in such an opportune moment! I was at a career crossroads, floating without truly chasing anything. Her and I were able to really dissect who I am, how I operate, what makes me happy, and once we did, everything became so clear to me. Grisel's help didn't end there, we planned TOGETHER, breaking down long-distance dreams into smaller goals into achievable milestones into action plans into simple baby steps. With Grisel I found a clear goal, clear plan, and a clear mindset. With Grisel, I became exponentially more capable. I will thank her, and her productive and fun sessions, for decades to come. Thank you!!

Joey Hernandez, People Leader in a Family-Owned Franchise

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