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Meet Grisel

Career Advancement Strategist & Certified OD Consultant

Grisel's credentials:

  • Named Top 15 Coach in Tampa Bay in 2022

  • Certified Organization Development Consultant

  • Bestselling Author of "Trust Your Wings: How I Left My Corporate Job to Start a Consulting and Coaching Business from Scratch"

  • 18+ years of professional career coaching and personal development experience 

  • Supported 300+ individuals with career development since 2005

  • Bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology 

  • Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • Behavior Analysis specialization

  • Former Behavioral Health Therapist

  • Certified in Professional Development Skills: Communication Effectiveness, Conflict Dynamics, Training & Performance Evaluation Strategy, Positive Business & Society Change

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About Grisel - 1

Sometimes, our upbringing can negatively impact our professional life. Read how that happened to Grisel.

About Grisel - 2

Grisel's very first podcast episode is the first time she's ever shared her story. It's a very novice-style episode, but real and raw.

About Grisel - 3

This blog post offers a little more insight into Grisel's professional journey and how it brought her to career coaching

Are you a seasoned professional who is:

  • Struggling to advance your career?

  • Frustrated because your strategic-thinking ability isn't being full utilized?

  • Feeling like your career has stagnated?

  • So overworked that your life feels completely out of balance?

  • Facing a career crossroad?

  • Wanting desperately to enjoy a deep sense of career satisfaction?

  • Yearning to grow your career success?

  • Craving to give your best self to the world and be recognized as a bright shining star?

  • Lacking a long-term career growth strategy?

  • Ready to enjoy the life you're working so hard to support?

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