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Meet Grisel

Career and Work-Life Fulfillment Strategist

& Certified Organization Development Consultant

Grisel's credentials:

  • Honored as a Top 15 Coach in 2022 and 2023

  • Master's degree in the psychology of work (I/O Psychology)

  • Specialized in the Science of Behavior

  • Certified OD Consultant

  • Bestselling Author of "Trust Your Wings: How I Left My Corporate Job to Start a Consulting and Coaching Business from Scratch"

  • 18+ years of professional career coaching and personal development experience 

  • Supported 300+ individuals with career development since 2005

  • Certified in Professional Development skills

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Blog Posts about Grisel's Story

Click the images below to read and hear more about my professional story and how I came into doing this work as a career coach. 

About Grisel - 1

Sometimes, our upbringing can negatively impact our professional life. Read how that happened to Grisel.

About Grisel - 2

Grisel's very first podcast episode is the first time she's ever shared her story. It's a very novice-style episode, but real and raw.

About Grisel - 3

This blog post offers a little more insight into Grisel's professional journey and how it brought her to career coaching

About Grisel's Personal Life 

There isn't enough space on this page to tell you about all the things I'm into on a personal level. A good summary of it all would be to say that I live a life of hedonism with a good balance of relaxation.


Before I took control over my career, I didn't have the time or energy to do nearly as much as I liked on my personal time.


But now, I get to enjoy my life to the fullest and spend time with the people that matter to me: my beautiful husband, my dog (and foster dogs), family, and friends.


I also get to dig into the activities I love: traveling, working on my backyard farm, cooking, self care, creating art, attending concerts, going on ghost tours in haunted cities, binge watching the crap out of shows on TV, and being a foodie.

Here are snapshots of a few things that put a pep in my step and give me that zest for life.

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Ready to reignite your zest for life?

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