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Meet Grisel

Career Success Expert & Certified Professional

Grisel's credentials:

  • Named Top 15 Coach in Tampa Bay in 2022

  • Bestselling Author of "Trust Your Wings: How I Left My Corporate Job to Start a Consulting and Coaching Business from Scratch"

  • Over 18 years of experience in Career Coaching and Personal Development 

  • Supported over 300 individuals with career development since 2005

  • Former Behavioral Health Therapist

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology 

  • Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • Specializes in the Science of Behavior

  • Earned a series of professional certifications in Positive Business & Society Change, Communication Effectiveness, Conflict Dynamics, and Organization Development

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Intense dissatisfaction at work affects every aspect of your life experience. Your sleep, the quality time you have with family and friends, your ability to fully relax on your down time, even your health can suffer.

Grisel's life purpose is to bring joy to the world by helping professionals like you deepen the value you derive from your life - particularly when it comes to your work. ​

Grisel has dedicated her career to applying methods that enhance work & life satisfaction. With her background as a Behavioral Health Therapist and her degree in Industrial/Organizational Behavior, Grisel's mission is to share her expertise with you.

Grisel is a personable, professional coach who helps you uncover what you need to feel truly happy and have a sense of balance in your life. Grisel delivers a laid-back, personalized experience that is unique to your personality, strengths, and your career aspirations.

With a deep-rooted background in Psychology, Grisel feels every person deserves to live a joyful, healthy, authentic life. As an empathetic, big-picture thinker, Grisel empowers you to see all the beautiful possibilities and create your own unique path that gets to the heart of what matters most to you.

​Grisel comes with a robust toolkit of assessments, skills, and contemporary industry knowledge. She's focused on supporting seasoned professionals like you who are at an impasse in your career. She'll help you make important decisions around your best-fit career path, and partner with you as you make important changes to achieve career success and live a deeply satisfying life. 


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Are you a seasoned professional who is:

  • Constantly frustrated at work?

  • Lacking a clear professional direction?

  • So overworked that your life feels completely out of balance?

  • Feeling undervalued?

  • Wanting desperately to enjoy a deep sense of career satisfaction?

  • Yearning to grow your career success?

  • Craving to give your best self to the world and be recognized as a bright shining star?

  • Ready to enjoy the life you're working so hard to support?

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